Here I will try to maintain an annotated list of links for odd, random, awesome things I love or think are cool. I’m going to experiment with some Headings just to help with browsing and skimming. This is a work in progress. If you have any rec’s, I’d love to hear about them. Just leave them in the comments.



Dread Central – Horror hub for the horror fanatic. Tons of articles, the latest news, trailers, and all sort of other fun stuff.

Horror Movie A Day – this guy Brian is a lunatic I think, funny as hell and guess what? He really does watch a horror movie a day. You can also follow him on Twitter: @BrianWCollins

Rue Morgue – launched in 1997 as a horror entertainment magazine of news, reviews and everything in between, also became this awesome website chock full of just about everything to satiate the horror buff’s appetite.



AbeBooks’ Reading Copy – an online sanctuary for anyone with a passion for print (and out of print) books.

EarlyWord – providing libraries with timely alerts on the books EarlyWord bloggers predict will be in high demand. Get the EarlyWord now on the next big buzz books. It’s like a crystal ball, only better!

Lilja’s Library – Operating since 1996, the most comprehensive and awesome website dedicated to all things Stephen King.

LitReactor – mostly aimed at writers and all things craft and publishing, there’s lots here for bibliophiles and pop culture fanatics as well. Their online magazine section features lots of great reviews, lists and other colorful articles by regular contributors.

Nancy Pearl – she’s cute, she’s awesome and you can fit her in your pocket. Reader’s Advisory guru, Ms. Pearl is filled with Book Lust and preaches the gospel of promiscuous reading wherever she goes.

Shelf Awareness – how shelf aware are you? I find something fun or interesting every time I poke around this site.

Shelf Inflicted – A fabulous review blog spear-headed by Goodreads comrades. You can find out more about us here. Also, check out my We Are Legion page.


IN THE STACKS (all things library related)

Librarian Problems – I don’t get the Tumblr thing, and .gifs usually make my brain hurt, but this site has caused me to laugh out loud on more than one occasion. If you work in a public library, this is a must and a hoot!



Supernatural Wiki – the most comprehensive and awesome website dedicated to the CW’s Supernatural.

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