How to resurrect a cannibal

Ray Liotta in Hannibal (2001)

Ray Liotta in Hannibal (2001)

After watching what is quite possibly the cheesiest, most awful moment in movie history — Anthony Hopkins feeding Ray Liotta his own brain in Hannibal — I pretty much assumed (along with everyone else) that the character of Dr. Lecter hadn’t just jumped the shark, but fried it up with some fava beans and gobbled it down fins and all with a nice Chianti.

To think that there could ever be a way back to redemption (not to mention dignity) after that nonsense was hard to imagine. Surely the Lecter card had been played one too many times, and one too many times poorly. Writer/producer Bryan Fuller doesn’t think so.

Check out Kemper’s article over at Shelf Inflicted where he deftly autopsies Lecter’s legacy and what’s really on offer in Fuller’s resurrection of Hannibal airing Thursday nights on NBC.


The Walking Dead – where do we go from here?

walking dead 17As promised, here is a link to the project I just finished working on with fellow Goodreader, Kemper. Entitled This Zombie Apocalypse is Getting Too Depressing, Kemper and I weigh in on the unrelenting darkness of the series and talk about whether or not Kirkman has gone too far with this latest volume – Something To Fear.

***Spoiler-phobes beware*** This is a frank discussion of the comics up to Volume 17 (Issue #102) and spoilers for AMC’s Walking Dead Season 3 finale.

About us:

When not canning food in preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse, Trudi writes the Busty Book Bimbo blog in which she reviewed the latest Walking Dead collection..

The basement of Kemper’s Book Blog is filled with toilet paper and Scotch. That’s not because of zombies. He just likes to keep a lot of both on hand. He also reviewed The Walking Dead Vol. 17..

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