New Year cold and flu blues

Well I didn’t even get to ring in the New Year on Friday night — I was in bed by 10:30, just miserable and achy all over with a cold or flu (I can never the tell the difference!) It’s bad, that’s all I know, and now it’s Sunday, I’m supposed to be back to work tomorrow and I still feel like death warmed over. My boyfriend made me some tomato soup and a toasted Denver sandwich just the way I like it, and that helped me feel better for a little while, but unfortunately couldn’t cure me.

So off to get more sleep and pray my immune system kicks this bug’s ass!!

Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 bring you much joy and peace 🙂


I’m back … after one helluva year

So after surviving the worst year of my life so far (and God willing it will remain so — I don’t think I could survive one worse than this), I’m ready to get back on the blogging wagon. I’m ready to ramble, rant, roar and rock.

Well, we’ll see just how feisty this gets. I’ve got some thinky thoughts, tons more to say on books and libraries, and just what the hell it all means folks.

So stay tuned … the party’s just getting started!

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