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***Please Note: I am no longer accepting review requests.

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Welcome! rapacious readers and fellow bibliophiles to yet another book blog — where amidst all the (hopefully) scintillating rants and reviews, you may also find the odd musings about life and libraries creeping in.

Yes I am a busty book bimbo (BBB). I come by that moniker very honestly — plus Bookslut and Book Lust were already taken.  I’m also a working librarian for a Canadian public library. You really only need to know two simple things about me — I love books and I love libraries. I’m also a (very) amateur cinephile, horror buff, zombie enthusiast, apocalypse junkie and a Stephen King devotee. My life can be measured out in books read, movies watched, and cups of tea consumed.

I’m a screaming Supernatural fangirl ferociously in love with Dean Winchester. And words — it goes without saying that I love words — for isn’t the love of books just one long love affair with the written word? I think so. My reading tastes are pretty eclectic most of the time, so I hope you stay awhile, have a look around, and leave with a good book.

Where you can contact me:

  • Goodreads.com (the best thing to happen to book addicts since the printing press).
  • I have also contributed to the mighty group blogging effort over at Shelf Inflicted. We are legion for we are many.
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  1. Louise

     /  May 4, 2010

    Just followed you here via goodreads. Brilliant start – I’ll keep checking in for reviews!

  2. Nice set-up. If it isn’t too stalkerish, I’d like to steal your contacts idea.

  3. Hiya Trudi-

    I’m happy as a clam that I came across your blog, and happier than a clam to be a new follower!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Like the new photo… and the “hunting Dean” pic. ;D

    • Haha, the little piece of pie cracks me up every time I look it at. The best bait out there if you’re hunting a particular Winchester. 😉


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