How to resurrect a cannibal

Ray Liotta in Hannibal (2001)

Ray Liotta in Hannibal (2001)

After watching what is quite possibly the cheesiest, most awful moment in movie history — Anthony Hopkins feeding Ray Liotta his own brain in Hannibal — I pretty much assumed (along with everyone else) that the character of Dr. Lecter hadn’t just jumped the shark, but fried it up with some fava beans and gobbled it down fins and all with a nice Chianti.

To think that there could ever be a way back to redemption (not to mention dignity) after that nonsense was hard to imagine. Surely the Lecter card had been played one too many times, and one too many times poorly. Writer/producer Bryan Fuller doesn’t think so.

Check out Kemper’s article over at Shelf Inflicted where he deftly autopsies Lecter’s legacy and what’s really on offer in Fuller’s resurrection of Hannibal airing Thursday nights on NBC.

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