I am addicted to fanvids (and Dean Winchester)

I have a confession to make — I am addicted to fanvids. The ones that really get me are those dedicated to the CW show Supernatural. Sigh. I LOVE this show — and am in love with Dean Winchester.

And I’m not even crushing on the actor who plays him (Jensen Ackles). No, my heart belongs solely to Dean and his acerbic, smart-alecky, movie referencing ways, his uncomplicated, deeply appreciative approach to food, sex and music and his fierce loyalty to his brother that guides every decision he ever makes. I’ve fallen in love with book characters several times (and isn’t it wonderful when a book can take hold of you like that?) But this is the first time that television writing has been so good, I’ve been swept away by it.

I will be the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake … and did I ever get it so very wrong when it came to this show. For its first few seasons I rejected Supernatural outright without ever seeing it because I assumed: 1) it wasn’t scary in the least; 2) the writing would be lame and 3) it was all about titillating young teens. As I’m a grown-up woman who likes her horror on the horrific side, and demands great writing at all costs — no excuses — I figured this show was not for me.

I stand corrected and profusely apologize to the show’s many talented writers and series creator Eric Kripke. Supernatural is (to use a Dean-ism) A-W-E-S-O-M-E. If you are not watching, don’t wait another precious second. This show will enrich your television-viewing life. I’m not lying.

Yes I admit, the eye-candy is appealing — Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins —  pick your poison, they are all pretty yummy. But the show offers so much more than cheap thrills. The writing is truly exceptional, the story arc original and perfectly paced, the scares are truly scary, and the humor side-splitting.

Ghosts, monsters, demons, angels, Lucifer, the Apocalypse – this show has everything! What more can you ask for from network TV?

The series begins as two brothers travel America’s back roads in a ’67 Chevy Impala. They are searching for a missing father who raised them to hunt and destroy every evil supernatural incarnation they encounter. On the top of their hit-list is the Yellow-Eyed Demon that killed their mother 22 years previously. As the series progresses the brothers discover they have a much larger role to play that involves the end of the world.

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  1. Chance

     /  June 17, 2010

    Entirely agree with you on your observations about SUPERNATURAL. I started watching right after season 1 came to DVD and thought it was one of the single, best seasons of a show I’d ever seen. In fact, had it ended there, I would have it thought it even more perfect. However, as the seasons have progressed and the “bigger picture” has become more and more clear, I rate this show as one of the most underestimated programs on television. Sorry to see it’s only got another season to go, and I hope everything is resolved in the best possible manner.

    Discovered your blog through goodreads. I just finished reading LOCKE & KEY and was looking to see what others were saying about it.

    Drop me a note if you have a moment. I’m an English teacher in Illinois and I’m sure we’d have a lot to talk about, literature-wise.

    I intend on “friending” you via goodreads. If you’re not cool with that, I understand.

    • Hi Chance, happy that you’ve stumbled upon my blog and always glad to connect with another SPN fan. I have accepted your goodreads invitation – not many books in common but what we do share we both like very much. Unfortunately, I am in the midst of a family crisis that’s kept me from blogging or goodreading. God willing, I shall return at some point, and will have lots to say. From your comment I take it that you have not yet watched Supernatural’s Season 5 – boy are you in for a treat 🙂 — let me know what you think when you get started watching it.


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